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My name is Theodore Chan Kee Cummings and I’m originally from Seoul, South Korea, and was raised in Boston, Massachusetts. I began my holistic healing journey while trying my best to recover from adrenal fatigue for over a year. I incurred this chronic fatigue condition from a lifestyle in the music industry DJing and being up late a night. After many doctor diagnoses and failed attempts to pinpoint a solution, I had no choice but to learn the entire holistic lifestyle from the inside and out. Adopting a personalized organic diet, healthy fats, protein, self-care, and spirituality, I was able to naturally heal my body, mind and spirit in combination with these amazing CERTIFIED PURE THERAPEUTIC GRADE oils and lifestyle/key nutrition shifts. From this experience, I discovered a deeper calling in life to help people heal themselves holistically. I now enjoy a more normally scheduled and dynamic lifestyle bridging music and wellness. I love helping people discover natural solutions, hack their biology and lifestyle, and build their own thriving business. I lovingly combine my life coaching business, healing oils business, with my music business as a music producer for a wide array of popular artists. I genuinely love helping my clients and their families achieve healthier, higher performing, more IDEAL lives. Let’s bring the power back to the people!

Music-wise, my eclectic musical influences range from 70's disco, funky, bluesy, percussion forward music like James Brown, Frank Sinatra, The Bee Gees, Scott Joplin, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Stevie Wonder, Dave Matthews Band, Earth, Wind & Fire, Marvin Gaye, and even Hip Hop connoisseurs like Biggy Smalls, Pharrell Williams, and Jay-Z.

I studied songwriting and stage perforamance at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, and Music Industry Studies, Music Technology, and Production at Loyola University New Orleans. My productions are a mysterious and groovy mix of deep funky house with a hint of earthy tribal flavor and weirdness. A true studio body, I spend much of my time concocting progressive basslines, complex drum patterns, edgy-soulful vocals, and funky synth and guitar riffs, jamming all across my current home city of Miami, Florida. With the release of my original "GRIND" on Soul Clap Records in 2017, I began my young journey into the music community.

As a DJ and a performer, I open my heart to the dance floor with my keen intuition driving the melodic and dynamic progression of the set. When I’m playing live, I hope you feel the same love, passion, and warmth I have for the music I create. It’s all about the people. My mission is to connect with you, to help you heal yourself and become your most IDEAL self. Stay true to the GROOVE, baby!

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Healing Essential Oils

Imagine how having an extra 5k, 10k, 20k, 50k, 100k a year could change your life 

What’s the first thing you’d change? 

Where you live?

Pay off your debt?

Change where your kid’s go to school?

Your parents’ home?

Invest in another business?

Finally visit foreign countries off your bucket list?



The choice is all yours. You deserve to live your ideal life and you can have it 


“But, no, network marketing is totally not for me!” 


I had this same distaste after being a part of a couple other network marketing companies (The national average of yearly retention for network marketing is 14%) and I'm so glad I overcame this limiting belief with this new company in DoTERRA (70% yearly retention rate).


To be honest, you’re already a network marketer. Actually, we all are.


When you recommend your favorite food, your go-to skin-care products, that dope movie
.. that is network marketing. You are always marketing to your network.

And your peeps were most likely super thankful for the recommendation!

In fact, it is MORE genuine because it is coming from a person they know and trust!


Now imagine if you got paid for that food, skin-care or movie that you genuinely love to share. Everyone would benefit! You are bringing a product that you personally use and love and are being reciprocated for sharing it.

This is collaborative marketing.


Everyone on this team has your back and genuinely wants you to succeed.


Unlike the traditional business where if one person got a raise, that means others would not, in collaborative marketing, we all win.


Myself, Rodney + others will give you my knowledge because I genuinely want you to win and create a life you dream of.


I've worked solo for many years and it feels great to be supported by a team. 


Doterra has natural solutions that are changing how people view healthcare and they are also influencing the welfare of people in both developing and developed countries (check out their Healing Hands organization and the ethics of the oils).


Instead of paying for advertisement, they’re paying US advocates to be their ambassadors and giving us the opportunity to create true freedom with this model. 

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