Sleep 10X

I’m pretty sure everyone has had a restless night or a few each month, week, or even every night. That’s why I created this article. I’m going to cut to the chase. Here’s the list!

1) Pop magnesium 1-2 hours before bed. I use Magnesium L-Threonate, which you can get here, This type of magnesium is the most bioavailable form of magnesium because it’s a mineral chelating agent so your body will absorb it best. Magnesium is also a natural muscle relaxer, which calms your mind at bedtime.

2) Wear blue-light blocking glasses 2-3 hours before bed and/or use red lights at home at night. I use this sight to buy my glasses, If you have prescription glasses, you can also have your optometrist take out the 400-465 UV spectrum from your glasses. Blue light is any unnatural light, so anything but sunlight. With modern day living, our bodies and eyes are constantly exposed to blue light at night, which makes our inner biology believe it to be the middle of the day. This suppresses our melatonin production if we are not at least shielding our eyes from blue-light before bed. Try it. You’ll thank me later ;).

3) Reset your bio-clock with sunlight. To help your body reset it’s biological clock, and help your body create serotonin from sun exposure, go outside between 8am-11am and get the sunlight into your retina (DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY INTO THE SUN) but tilt your your head in the direction of the sun and let it enter your eye for 1-3 minutes. That way your body will get the signal that it’s awake-time and will naturally know when to start powering down at night.

4) Have your last meal by 8pm. Or at least 3 hours before bedtime.This will give your gut time to digest dinner before bed. It may be tough to avoid snacking after dinner time but do your best not too and you’ll get used to it. If you must, snack on some almonds which have healthy fat, protein, and carbs. Also don’t have too much meat at dinner time as your body takes a lot of energy to break it down.

5) Ground your body on the soil. By standing barefoot or with socks on the ground, you’re letting your body directly connect with the negative ions from the electromagnetic energy from the Earth. Do this for 5 minutes daily and watch your sleep improve. Your overall tension and anxiety will also be alleviated as a result.

6) Take a hot Shower. Within an hour of bed, do a nice hot shower. When your body is in a cooling phase, your muscles relax and are more prone to help you fall asleep faster.

7) Meditate before bed.

8) Don’t work out within 3 hours of bed time.

9) Do lumbar stretches/Light Yoga before bed.

10) Read Fiction. Don’t read non-fiction or how-to articles, as they stimulate the analytical mind, which is the side of your brain you want to chill out before bed.

11) Black out your room with blackout curtains. Even the tiniest bit of light can disrupt your ability to fall or stay asleep.

12) Turn your phone on airplane mode (highly advisable to unplug your wifi router too!). Don’t forget to get some dark cloth or tape and cover all the LED lights in your room, including your LED clock (our skin cells actually have sunlight receptors).

13) Have sex. Orgasm has been proven to calm the nervous system. Come on, everyone knows that.

14) Do your best to go to bed and rise at consistent times each week. Fight the temptation to sleep in on the weekends more than 1 HOUR past your normal wake-up time. You’ll feel better on Monday and Tuesday.

15) Diffuse Essential Oils. You can also put a couple drops on your pillow and even under your tongue, assuming its Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, like DoTERRA (Click here to learn more about joining my team of DoTERRA wellness advocates)

16) Be a party pooper. Or go to a party sober (you may learn a lot about your self that night haha) You may think drinking as a nightcap is a good idea, but studies have shown that alcohol merely tricks the brain into passing out, but it doesn’t actually promote restful, rejuvenating deep sleep, which we need to have optimal performance and memory recall.

17) Keep a gratitude journal. I love this, because I tend to ruminate on my goals and my day at night, so practicing writing what I’m grateful for helps a lot. Another HUGE but subtle trick is to write down how grateful you are for things that you have not yet manifested in your life. This will give your mind a feeling of closure and acceptance.

Do just a handful of these and your sleep will dramatically improve. I would also conclude by suggesting that your do your best to eliminate any stressors in your life, including past arguments with spouses, ruminating over what your boss criticized you over, and spending too much money on stupid stuff and then later getting all stressed about it because you can barely pay your bills on time. Too your best night’s sleep ever!

Much Love,